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13 thoughts on “Contact me”

  1. Hetaqrqir ein gracnerd, papikid senyaky… es papik chem unecel /baci mi erku drvagic/, bayc kuzenayi papiki senyak unenyi.chishtn asac, patahakan eka blogd, a1plusi saytum dzandzranum eyi u… grum es ha? inchi?

  2. Apres hianali artahaytvumes karevor@ azat dipuk u ankexts

  3. hi dear
    you have a good site, if you have tendency to link exchange with our site please link my

    site with

    name ‘Dr.kermani’ and send your site link for me by contact form so i link your site, i to

    get verry

    happy ,have cooperation with you thanks alot dear


  4. Jonathan Mack said:

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  5. Parev,

    I send you, asking kindly to let it circulate, the announcement for
    the creation of a new website about Armenian free electronic

    Please, could you make it known to the Armenian community in your
    area, send your suggestions and perhaps add a link on your website.

    many thanks for your help,

  6. hi how are you ?

    link exchange for me ?

  7. qaxaqakan pak elitaji nkarneric eli hetaqrqirner@ kan, ete uzum es, majlis gri, uxarkem

  8. Ողջունում եմ բլոգդ` մաղթելով նորանոր հաջողություններ հետագա բոլոր ձեռնարկումներում: Հարգանքով` Առլեն:

  9. please what cause the “GENOCIDE”?

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