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Well, writing this post especially for my journalism colleagues worldwide, female part of them in particular 🙂 International Women’s Media Foundation(IWMF) started a global Facebook campaign in November this year, and I was honored to be the first featured international woman journalist in there. The aim of the campaign is to feature and promote female journalists from around the globe,  so I write this post to encourage you to become the part of it 🙂

Here is my featured photo and the text: Copied from IWMF Facebook page


Shushan Harutyunyan (@blansharm) is an Armenian journalist, editor, and blogger based in Budapest, where she is pursuing her graduate degree in Gender Studies with a focus on women’s issues. Besides her studies at Central European University, she is working as chief editor of the online version of Cosmopolitan Armenia. In 2011, Shushan received the “Na-Ne” women journalists’ award in Armenia. 

Visit Shushan’s personal blog: https://blansh.wordpress.com/ Watch her talk “No Media, No Worries” for TEDxYerevan about her journalistic experience: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRB7xFhvThY