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projectHana Pesut is a photographer who has doing a very interesting project of taking pictures of couples before and after they switch into each other’s clothes. It’s really interesting to observe these change and sometimes it even takes a while to realize what’s going on.

project-1I found an interesting interview with her where she told the following:

I was camping with some friends and two of them were dressed really differently: one was wearing tie-dye and really colourful stuff and the other was wearing all black. We thought it would be funny for them to switch outfits and I decided to take before and after photos. After that I would see couples walking in the street and wonder what they would look like in each other’s outfits. At first I was just asking friends to do it and then it was their friends and now I’m getting emails from people I’ve never met.

project-3Her website is here, where you can find the entire photo collection.