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Héloïse Delègue banker thinking about freedomI found Héloïse Delègue’s painting entitled “Banker thinking about freedom” to be the painting of the day. Well, for no reason, I just like her paintings. By the way, many of them are now available in Saatchi online. Here is her Facebook page, let’s like and support her. And here is her personal website.

Autobiography, both real and imagined forms the basis of most of my work. I create a world of colours and use storytelling to fuse aspects of my identity and travel experiences with myths and factual truths. I create intricate works that blur fact and fiction while always introducing a sense of humour to give a powerful effect. I also play multiple characters in this drama where I often illustrate myself as small characters or animals. I combine memories and artefacts to produce alternate readings of both my inner world and more universal cultural, political and societal narratives. Novels are also all part of my practice. I usually narrate those using small details I add with ink charcoal or pastel. Sometimes, thoughts or some text scares the surface of the canvas but are never entirely readable.