An Armenian Journalist's Notes

I feel so excited and so beholden


The doors in CEU residence center!!!

I’m writing this note to express my deepest gratitude to all the people, who have supported us in our modest, however enthusiastic initiative in here. We addressed a letter to Mr. Orbán, the PM of Hungary saying:

Dear Mr. Orbán: We are writing this letter to express our greatest frustration and disappointment from the recent actions of Hungarian government resulted by the extradition of Ramil Safarov (the Azerbaijani military officer served a life sentence, with no expression of either regret or remorse, for the premeditated axe murder of Armenian military officer Gurgen Margaryan in his sleep during a NATO “Partnership for Peace” program in 2004) to Azerbaijan, where he was immediately pardoned by the President of the country and welcomed as a hero.

Should we – a group of Armenian students and our friends from different countries, who have chosen Hungary among EU countries for further education – infer from your Government recent actions that extraditing a brutal murderer to a country, which will consequently welcome him as a hero, is considered to be among European values? Or should we conclude that the model of European morality is the indirect encouragement of new murders on the murder driven by ethnic hatred? While our stay in Hungary we are going to follow Hungarian laws, so we refer to you to get guarantees that our identity and our beliefs will be respected in this country.

We look forward to your official response, which hopefully will not be as disappointing as the recent action of your government.

Our new friends from Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Russia, Serbia, US, SriLanka, Croatia, Georgia, Italy and Poland also joined the initiative, signing the letter. Thank you guys for your support! We do appreciate this!

Armenian press supported us as well, publishing our letter. So thank you MediaMax, Radio Free Europe,,,, Here are also two more posts in English, check please here and here.

This is the scanned version of the letter with the signatures.

Thank you Metaks, thank you dear, you did a good job! Thank you Maga, Rima, Nune, Akob, Artak, Hovsep… Մենք քիչ ենք, սակայն մեզ հայ են ասում 😉