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Photo by: AFP, Getty

Anyone looking for huge amounts of free chocolate should book a flight to Armenia’s capital next month. That’s when the world’s largest chocolate bar will be up for grabs in Yerevan’s main square. The Guinness Book of World Records certified the 9,702-pound (4,410-kilogram) chocolate bar at a ceremony Saturday, Yahoo News reports about my country.

It was made by Grand Candy factory and contains all natural ingredients, including 70 percent cocoa mass. The chocolate bar is 224 inches (560 centimeters) long, 110 inches (275 centimeters) wide and 10 inches (25 centimeters) thick.

Grand Candy CEO Karen Vardanian told journalists the bar was produced in honour of the company’s 10th anniversary. He said it will be divided up and handed out Oct. 16. /remember this date ;)/

So dear friends from all over the world – see you in Yerevan next month and dont forget to report about the event in your blogs 🙂 Check the video stuff as well /via RFE Armenia /

Photos by Associated Press