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“Hello, it’s me” by Frunze Dovlatyan, a very nostalgic and genie film was to open “One shot” international film festival being held in Yerevan in May 17. This much and nothing more… Friends, friends and friends only, enthusiastic people whose great efforts made this festival possible. First, i was excited to watch this film again, second i was excited to read Parajanov’s words about it – “Love and death, war and creating, memory problem; in what unexpectedly bright colours and fresh approach did he reveal these eternal themes! Everything was new here: both the broadness of the film and the faces of the characters… It was a big picture. But it also involved big anxiety.” At last, i was excited being there with my friends. Last year i was in a volunteering stuff, responsible for working with media. And this year i can just write a post about the event and nothing more. Sorry guys. That’s just because of being busy with a new job that i cant postpone.

Well, a little bit information and links. Film festival official web here Official facebook here and official YouTube here Attaching as well festival program for this year. Download it here. See you in NPAK 🙂