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Since 2007 Armenian content internet, social networks and blogs mainly started actively “march on” – first being alternative source of information, platform for social discussions and productive place for social, political campaigns at last and in my personal opinion /of course if I have a right to express it here:)/ something more, even phenomena… That’s it… Just sharing some more information, in a case you’re interested in and want to know more… /Armenian blogosphere in 2007-2008/under the state of emergency here and here/, Armenian blogosphere during 2009, in Armenian, here, Armenian blog catalogs here, here and here

Well, from deep background now to an action 🙂 During a week of active reporting on woman issues I won’t forgive me not to have anything about Armenian woman bloggers, really active and good people running blogs for peace, love and butter future in the country and outside. Girls, love you all and even if you’re sick and tired of Obama’s mottos, believe it anyway, we can for sure! Yes! Mentioning and quoting from A to Z principle.

Ani Boghossian’s blog titled “11 seconds before the rain” – my favoutite “ginarbe” with her paintings and poetry thoughts / in English

Anna Barseghyan’s blog – Journalism student at YSU and just an interesting person / in Armenian

Anna Simonian’s blog – one of early bloggers in Armenia – smart and romantic /in Russian

Anush Babajanyan’s blog – Mainly photos and photos mainly

Ani Hovhannisyan – Hetq’s EritaSard blog / since July 2009 /Armenian

Arevik Badalyan’s blog – She is also writing on journalism and blogging /Eng-Arm

Arpine Grigoryan’s blog – titled “Whatever you are, be a good one” – very positive “Arpik” style posts with nice stories and photos from PanArmenian /since 2008/ in English

Anna Muradyan’s blog – journalist from Ankakh with her thoughts and adventures /in Armenian

Byurakn Ishxanyan’s blog in livejournal

Dianna Mnacakanyan’s blog in Livejournal – “We could all come up with something new to be destroyed / Beyond time…” since February 2009

Isabella Sargsyan’s blog /in livejournal –One of early bloggers with a nickname bekaisa /Bell, still don’t know what it means 🙂/

Lara Aharonyan’s blog – “Motherhood, Repatriation and other fictions” with a description “About my life in Armenia, about being a mom and an activist, working for women’s rights. The challenges and benefits of raising a family in a post-soviet republic. Finding a place, my place and calling it HOME” – a very active and just a beautiful woman

● Liana Aghajanian a very promising Armenian girl from US -with Ianyanmag since September 2008, an Independent Armenian Publication

Lusine Barseghyan’s blog – a student activist from Gyumri, romantic and nice person and just a good friend of mine

● Lusine Grigoryan’s blog “3 SiS: one year abroad” – coauthors are Grigoryan sisters /bdw. Lusy’s thesis is on blogging and social media/

Lusine Nalbandyan’s blog – V very “lucci” style marketing blog and not only

Lusine Paravyan’s blog – a classmate of mine from Yerevan State University with her “Moon Blog”. Really good one

● Mariam Sukhudyan’s “Bnamard blog” – She is activist of environmental campaign of Armenia . My post about her here

Maria Aghajanyan’s blog – Active woman and nice person

Ofeli Minasyan’s blog – A classmate of mine

Queering Yerevan – collaborative blog of an Armenian queer and straight artists, writers, cultural critics, and activists

Ruzan Harutyunyan’s blog in livejournal – “Crazy patriot” – The truth is next to you… Just look into it’s eyes…

Seda Muradyan’s blog – Journalist, filmmaker

Veronika Agajanyan’s blog– titled “Track of Train” /we’ve met at Model Caucasus Parliament and registered her blog together during one of the sessions /good memories, nice person /

Victoria Aleksanyan’s blog – /we’ve met at Summer school of academic blogging. I was “kind of” trainer /

Violet Grigoryan’s blog – An Armenian writer and her thoughts

Zaruhi Batoyan’s blog – Another strong woman and social activist

Zaruhi Kocharyan’s blog – Journalist at Public Radio /She is going to be mom in a couple of months :)/

Zaruhi Surmenyan’s blog – She was my roommate in 2008 in Prague 🙂

and also

● Woman coauthors at Banadazev blog – my beloved Gohar Manukyan included

● Woman coauthors at RadioVan blog

● Woman coauthors at Seua Student Union blog

● Woman bloggers at Thearmenia.com /Armenian blogging community / my sister’s blog included

and there are two lovely ladies I would like to mention in this list as well

Ashley Corinne Killough’s blog – An American journalist and Fulbright fellow conducting research in Armenia.

Myrthe Korf’s blog – “The Armenian Odar Reads” with a headline – “I am a bookeater. These are the books that nurture my mind”


Me at last:) – with my honest participation in blogging “actions” since November 2006 /personal blog/ A1+ Blog /from April 2007 to July 2009 / and 7or Blog /from July 2009 up to now/ Other blogging projects coming soon 🙂

P.S. Blogs mentioned here are mainly from my Google Reader. Very probably there are some other really good blogs run by Armenian woman that I forgot to mention here or don’t know about them at all. So will be great if you help me to complete this post with some more links and information.

Sincerely yours Shushan Harutyunyan / blansh 🙂


Adrineh Macaan’s blog – “Le Retour (in 3 Parts)” – Canadian-Armenian now living in Yerevan – really interesting one

Mary Melkonian’s blog – A very creative young lady / in Armenian

Nune Aylanjyan’s blog about rock

Hermine Yeghikyan’s video blog

Marie Adamyan’s blog – Also in WordPress

Lilit Margaryan’s blog in livejournal – /Student at YSU / i guess i remember her, we’ve met at US Embassy in Armenia, she was a participant of a training on Social media. Active girl. Even found my presentation of that day /here/.

Collaborative blog of students of Slavonic University in Armenia – 6 lovely girls blogging

Amiga_Ga’s blog in LiveJournal