Probably you’ve received my suggestion to join “Journey to Virginland” in facebook. So writing some more information. The author of the book is Armen Melikian, a very positive Armenian living in US. Was searching for his book in Yerevan bookstores. Afterwards, he sent me one/Armenian version/. Thanks Armen! Copying below the description of the book published in journeytovirginland.com.

Journey to Virginland is the story of Dog, the streetwise antihero who seeks to make sense of a reconfigured global paradigm as he embarks on a breathtaking odyssey through the human landscapes of America, the Slavic world, the Near East, and a spiritual ground zero called Virginland.

Through his protagonist’s richly imagined travails, Armen Melikian (aka Dog Son of Dog) makes us face a world both strange and strangely familiar – a world where double standards are the norm, where Paradise and Satanland are inversely recognized, where sexuality is both treasured and debased – in the process weaving a dazzling tapestry of philosophical, cultural, religious, and artistic inquiry.

Melikian’s poignant observations take to task the core tenets of meta-ideologies and jockeying civilizations, helping us decode and discard layer after layer of entrenched misinformation. Yet this is never a mere exercise in abnegation, as the novel’s protagonist goes on to help unearth a fresh spring of life, a source of new existential horizons as well as a spiritual and moral concordance, free of all dogmatic shackles.

Brimming with black humor, leaps of poetry, and a gleefully energetic lingua Americana all its own, Journey to Virginland is the first installment of a trilogy. The novel’s ambitious narrative, at turns registering sonic booms and passages of soothing contemplation, arrives at a beautiful enlightenment vis-à-vis the core issues of our time. The net effect is inspirational and empowering alike, opening fresh pathways into the possibility of human survival and peaceful self-actualization.

Armen Melikian is above all else a humanist, one of those rare thinkers whose intensity of passion matches their erudition, and, ultimately, unflinching dedication to meaningful change.